The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 confirmed and a major character isn't returning

lincoln lawyer season 3
The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 confirmed Netflix

As well as true crime documentaries, if there's one thing that Netflix loves, it's a good old legal drama. The Lincoln Lawyer, which first premiered last year, is one of the streaming platform's newest offerings in this field, and of course, it's already proven to be a *huge* hit with fans of the genre.

Based on the novels of Michael Connelly (The Brass Verdict and The Fifth Witness), the show stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, an LA-based defence attorney. But what makes it so different from a regular legal drama, you ask? Well, instead of the traditional go-to-work-in-an-office routine, Mickey actually works out of a chauffeur-driven Lincoln Navigator. And a flashy one too.

By season two Mickey had upgraded to an actual office and returned once again to defend a new client. This time it was Lisa Trammel, who was accused of murdering local developer Mitchell Bondurant. After a season full of shocking twists and turns, including that cliff hanger ending, fans have been desperate to know if the series will be returning again for a third season.

Here's everything you need to know about The Lincoln Lawyer, season three...

Is series 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer happening on Netflix?

Yes! Yesterday (30th August) Netflix confirmed The Lincoln Lawyer will be returning for a third season and see Mickey fight another case.

Showrunners and executive producers Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez said of the new season: "The audience response to the show has been so gratifying and wonderful, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to dive back into Michael Connelly’s universe and bring Mickey Haller and his world to the screen again."

The third series is set to follow the previous two and include 10 episodes.

the lincoln lawyer season 3
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Who will star in series 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer?

When season three was given the green light, we also got a major update on who would be returning for the next season. As expected Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will be returning as the lead, Mickey Haller. He's taken the role in his stride for the last two seasons, and we must say, does it very well.

Also set to return for season three is Becki Newton as Mickey's legal aide and ex-wife Lorna Crane, Jazz Raycole as Mickey's former driver Izzy Letts, Angus Sampson as Cisco, and Yaya DaCosta as prosecutor Andy Freemann.

One person who won't be returning for season three is Neve Campbell, who won't be reprising her role as Maggie McPherson, Mickey's first ex-wife and a criminal prosecutor. Neve had a significantly reduced role in season two and by the end of the series we got the news that Maggie had accepted a new job in a different city. So whilst not totally surprising, we're still sad to see Neve go.

the lincoln lawyer season 3

What will season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer be about?

Thanks to Michael Connelly, there are endless amounts of material that could be plucked from the books and used in the series. However, due to the fact that the books haven't been adapted in the exact order they were written, it's hard to predict which storylines we could see next.

However, now the final episode of season two has just dropped we've been given a major hint about what the next season could cover.

In the final scene of season two, Mickey gets a call from Izzy telling him he has a new client, Julian Lacosse, who has been accused of murder. Mickey heads down to the Sheriff's office where Julian says his friend Giselle Dallinger recommended him, and reveals he's been accused of Giselle's murder which he doesn't do. Mickey doesn't know a Giselle Dallinger, but goes down to the mortuary to find her body.

There, he discovers he does know Giselle, but that she actually goes by a different name Gloria Dayton, aka Glory Days from season one, episode 10. The episode ends with Mickey starring at Gloria.

Um, does this mean what we think it does? It appears season three of The Lincoln Lawyer could focus on Mickey discovering what happened to Gloria and getting Julian acquitted from her murder.

Right now we don't have an official synopsis for the new series but we'll be sure to let you know when one drops.

The Lincoln Lawyer seasons one and two are available on Netflix now

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