The Fall Beauty Trend You Should Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It's time for a refresh.

<p>Getty Images/ Stocksy/ InStyle</p>

Getty Images/ Stocksy/ InStyle

Experimenting with a new look can be slightly overwhelming, particularly if you’ve spent the summer basking in the ease of laid-back styles. But fall is the perfect time to mirror mother nature, shedding outgrown elements in favor of features strong enough to carry us through the remainder of the year. Fortunately, some of the season’s most exciting beauty trends are already written in the stars — and if you ask astrologist Lisa Stardust, each aligns well with a certain sign of the zodiac. So what does autumn have in store for you on the beauty front? Below, 12 fall trends and the star signs destined to embody them.

Aries: Most Likely to Wear Monochrome Eyeshadow

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Richard Quinn, Conner Ives.

Getty Images

From left: Richard Quinn, Conner Ives.

According to Stardust, the spotlight will shine on Aries this season, allowing them to present like the eternal rockstars they are. And though single-toned eyeshadow will always be appropriate and impactful in fall’s earthy hues, this sign will be swiping on the more vivid shades of the spectrum. “Aries like to make a statement with a bright pop of color, so they’ll opt for a bold shadow to match their personality,” says Stardust.

Taurus: Most Likely to Embrace Pops of Pink

<p>Getty Images</p> Left: Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera.

Getty Images

Left: Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera.

We may be coming down from the summer of Barbiecore, but its influence — particularly, its palette of pink — lingers. “Taurus is ruled by Venus, and both are represented by the color pink,” says Stardust, who notes that the sign will be focused on love and relationships this season. “The Bull will feel at their most beautiful when wearing the color.” For inspiration, look to Giorgio Armani’s fall 2023 runway and its peony-pink blush, worn high on the cheekbone and swept upward toward the brow.

Gemini: Most Likely to Experiment

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Vivienne Westwood, Giambattista Valli.

Getty Images

From left: Vivienne Westwood, Giambattista Valli.

Colorful and out-there makeup looks fit perfectly with Gemini's instincts. For inspiration, look no further than the Vivienne Westwood show, which featured abstract color-blocking on the eyes and cheeks, or the Giambattista Valli runway, where mosaics of bold hues were foiled onto the lids. “Gemini is the type of sign that will try anything twice or more…until they get it right,” says Stardust. “The sign is getting inventive this fall and starting to express themselves in unique ways.”

Cancer: Most Likely to Get Birkin Bangs

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Ulla Johnson, Isabel Marant.

Getty Images

From left: Ulla Johnson, Isabel Marant.

The world lost Jane Birkin over the summer, but her iconic influence lives on — and her signature French girl fringe is a look destined to imbue anyone with confidence. “Cancer is feeling a bit shy, but also learning that, when front and center, they are a force to be reckoned with,” says Stardust. “Bangs can act as a protective element, aiding their growth and providing a statement-making look.”

Leo: Most Likely to Go Grunge Glam

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Roberto Cavalli, Valentino.

Getty Images

From left: Roberto Cavalli, Valentino.

“Leo is not committing to one way of thinking over another,” says Stardust. “They’re embracing everything life has to offer.” Though Leo isn’t one to return to the same styling over and over, the allure of the new grunge — as demonstrated by dramatic black liner at Valentino and Rodarte’s black lips and graphic eyes — is far too cool and glamorous for the sun-centric sign to ignore.

Virgo: Most Likely to Perfect Their Cloud Skin

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Elie Saab, Sportmax.

Getty Images

From left: Elie Saab, Sportmax.

Angelic, detail-oriented, and always after the best, Virgo’s interest in cultivating an ethereal look makes cloud skin a natural fall fave. The makeup may be matte, but its soft-focus finish provides a filtered effect worthy of a perfectionist. “Virgos are embracing their obsession with having the best of everything,” says Stardust. “If the sign’s skin isn’t flawless, they’ll put in the work to make it so.”

Libra: Most Likely to Wear Romantic Renaissance Hair

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Bottega Veneta, Simone Rocha.

Getty Images

From left: Bottega Veneta, Simone Rocha.

The Old World associations of Renaissance-inspired hairstyles — from woven plaits to unending soft waves — appeals to a Libra, ever the romantic. “Libras are igniting their hopes and dreams, as well as focusing on how they present themselves to the world,” says Stardust. “Libra rules with their hair. They’ll have no problem spending the time required to execute these intricate looks.” Look to Simone Rocha’s fall runway for autumnal inspo.

Scorpio: Most Likely to Wear a Moody Lip

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Rodarte, Balenciaga.

Getty Images

From left: Rodarte, Balenciaga.

Scorpio is the moodiest and most mysterious sign in the bunch, making a goth makeup moment — like the deep burgundy pouts on Sandy Liang’s fall runway — a match made in darkness. “Scorpio and spooky season align, making the intense and edgy water sign the ideal candidate for a gothic look,” says Stardust. Though the look may be fitting, it seems that any additional hauntings will be all their own. “They’re thinking about the past and drawing ghosts back into their lives to discuss old situations.”

Sagittarius: Most Likely to Flush Their Blush

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Brandon Maxwell, Prada.

Getty Images

From left: Brandon Maxwell, Prada.

“Sagittarius likes to take risks when it comes to makeup, and their cheeky personality will take a literal turn this upcoming season,” says Stardust. The astrologist notes that the Archer will be having new experiences with friends and lovers alike this fall, making a dreamy, creamy, well-blended blush a perfect accompaniment.

Capricorn: Most Likely to Pare Back Their Manicure

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Moschino, Ermanno Scervino.

Getty Images

From left: Moschino, Ermanno Scervino.

“Capricorn is attempting to ditch their traditional vibes and lean into a more modern style and way of thinking,” says Stardust. That said, a minimalist manicure will help to ground the earth sign as they embark on new horizons — and the choice won’t sacrifice creativity. Try a shorter nail shape adorned in thoughtful art or resonant hues for a more subtle statement.

Aquarius: Most Likely to Bleach Their Brows

<p>Getty Images</p> From left: Gucci, Palm Angels

Getty Images

From left: Gucci, Palm Angels

Always after the most unique and striking statements, Aquarius should take notes from Gucci’s fall runway and test the impact of a bleached brow — surely the most radical of the season’s trends. “Aquarius is embracing the most updated version of themselves in an effort to stand out even further from the crowd,” says Stardust. Bleach to succeed in this endeavor: a barely-there brow will always demand a double take.

Pisces: Most Likely to Embellish Their Eyes

<p>Getty Images</p> Louis Vuitton

Getty Images

Louis Vuitton

Elevated eye adornments are slated to be a gaze-framing mainstay this fall, evidenced by the light-catching rows of crystals placed beneath lash lines at Louis Vuitton and the subtle hint of black shimmer at Valentino—both courtesy of makeup artist Pat McGrath, queen of all things bejeweled. “Pisces are looking for understanding and clarity this year, which is why they’ll want to lean into their soulfulness and spirituality,” says Stardust. And what better way to highlight the windows to said soul than with some sparkle?

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