Fans Defend Prince Harry Against Rumors Of Him Looking ‘Miserable’ At Beyoncé Concert

Fans are taking sides with Prince Harry after a viral photo of him looking not-so-crazy in love at Beyoncé’s recent concert surfaced.

The Duke of Sussex became a target for speculation after attending the iconic singer’s show at the SoFi Stadium in California on Friday.

After the snapshot of Harry looking stoic beside his wife, Meghan Markle, began circulating the internet, some fans jumped to conclusions, accusing him of being “miserable” at the show.

Other people on X, formerly known as Twitter, joked that the royal leader’s cold look fit in with other husbands who were “dragged along” to the show with their spouses.

“While take issue with #PrinceHarry comments about press coverage of Armed Forces in war zones surely this pic of him & #Meghan at #Beyonce is just every bloke dragged along to a concert by the missus?” one user wrote.

Another quipped: “Lol Prince Harry seems relatable here. He looks just like any other boyfriend/husband who was made to go to a Beyoncé concert.”

Some X users even pointed to other celebs who were also spotted not busting a move at the event.

“Prince Harry and LeBron James at Beyoncé concert. It’s normal for people not to dance all the time at concerts. But the weirdos are making up stories about Harry and Meghan because of that ONE Picture,” someone wrote.

While many indulged in the hearsay, other fans put their foot down to squash the narrative that he wasn’t enjoying himself by sharing separate footage from the show, in which he is seen grooving to the beat alongside Markle.

The couple’s viral moment at the pop star’s concert comes weeks after tabloids reported that the pair, who wed in 2018, were “taking time apart.”

Fans shut down those rumors after they were seen celebrating together in early August ahead of Meghan’s 42nd birthday.