Fans Fall Even More In Love With Jennifer Garner After Her Kitchen Catastrophe

jennifer garner
Jennifer Garner Shares Her Kitchen CatastropheJennifer Garner / Instagram

Never one to downplay her skills in the kitchen, Jennifer Garner proved that her cooking is quite literally smoking hot in a video she just shared to Instagram. In the short video, the 51-year-old actress can be seen hovering over the stovetop as she breaks into a "Smoke Alarm Shimmy" while the smoke alarm blares in the background.

"That's how you know I'm here," she declared as she clapped along to the sound of the alarm.

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Garner included several other videos and photos in the post, which offered a charming glimpse into her recent trip back home to Charleston, West Virginia.

The post also included plenty of footage of her family, including her nephew, father, and sister. There was also a video of the West Virginia State Capitol and a giveaway with Once Upon A Farm at a local Kroger grocery store.

The comments to Garner's Instagram post have been bombarded with messages from fans declaring that they've fall even more in love with the actress thanks to her down to Earth demeanor.

"Like, as if we couldn't love Jen Garner anymore than we already do," one person wrote.

"You are just the nicest, most down to earth person! Looks like a great weekend!" another user added.

"This makes my heart so happy," a fan wrote.

One fan in particular was personally moved by the photo of Garner and her mother holding hands. "No place like home! Glad you were able to pack so much in. Especially a walk with mama holding hands. My favorite," they wrote.

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