Far right election gains ensure a financial jackpot for Le Pen's National Rally

As France's far-right National Rally celebrate their remarkable surge in popularity following the first round of snap legislative polls on Sunday, Marine Le Pen is also lauding the state of the party's finances as electoral gains also translate into financial gains for their coffers.

The RN, as France's second largest political party, receives the most public funding after Emmanuel Macron's presidential majority Renaissance party.

But that was before the first round of early legislative elections that took place on Sunday.

Because the number of ballots cast last in the RN's favour on 30 June, this will radically change the situation for Marine le Pen's party.

In France, political parties receive public funding – with a total budget of just under €66.5 million for 2024 – as set out in the France's Finance Act.

This sum is divided between the parties, half on the basis of the number of votes each obtained in the first round of the last legislative elections, and the other half on the basis of the number of members of parliament they have elected.

Coffers filled by high turnout

As a result – based on the 4.2 million votes the RN received in 2022 – the far-right party received almost €6.8 million in 2024.

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