Far-right groups clash with police and throw projectiles during disorder in London

Footage shows far-right protesters clashing with police in Westminster as hundreds of thousands joined a pro-Palestine march in London on Saturday 11 November.

Pockets of disorder have been breaking out across the capital, including close to the Cenotaph.

A crowd of people, described by the Metropolitan Police as “counter protestors”, were also seen clashing with officers and throwing projectiles on Saturday afternoon.

“We are reviewing footage & identifying those involved in earlier disorder within the group detained on Bridge Street,” a statement from the Metropolitan Police read.

“Those identified will be arrested and we will continue to use our powers under S60 and S60AA of the Public Order Act, to search for weapons and remove face coverings.

“Two arrests have been made so far; one for assaulting a police officer and a second for possession of a controlled substance. The officer is being looked after by colleagues and both suspects are on route to custody at this time.”