Farage's 'old beer buddies' and Home Alone

Yesterday’s story on social media was the Press Association video circulating of the Reform UK leader Nigel Farage endorsing two DUP MPs.

Tuesday’s timelines were were met with a steady flow of commentary about the co-deputy leader of Reform UK’s interview with Sarah Brett on BBC Radio Ulster’s Good Morning Ulster.

Ben Habib’s description of Sammy Wilson and Ian Paisley as "old beer buddies" of Nigel Farage when explaining why he was endorsing them on the programme had some users wondering whose round it was.

The write-ups in the digital versions of local newspapers have led to a lot of engagement on the issue.

Commentator Alex Kane described the comment as "election surrealism" on X.

And if you want to listen back to the interview in full, don’t worry, BBC Sounds has you covered.

Elsewhere online there’s a push from the NUS-USI, which represents 130,000 students in Northern Ireland, on its Facebook page to remind those who can’t make it to the ballot box on 4 July to register for a proxy vote.

The post is helpfully illustrated by a series of memes using Home Alone scenes where Peter and Kate McCallister have a feeling they’ve forgotten something while sat on the plane travelling off on holiday.

We’ve all been there. In my case, it’s usually a plug adapter (you’re welcome for the reminder).

The McCallisters appear to have forgotten to apply for a postal or proxy vote.

For details on how to register for a postal or proxy vote this guide has all you need.

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