Farmer Wants A Wife couple's shock claim: 'We wanted to leave'

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Following last night's emotional season finale, newly revealed Farmer Wants A Wife couple Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan are lifting the lid on their experience falling in love on the Channel 7 TV show.

Jess and Farmer Andrew, who are still happily together more than six months after filming the finale, have made some shocking claims about what went on behind the scenes.

Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan on Farmer Wants A Wife S11 2021 Final Decision
Farmer Andrew Guthrie and his 'winner,' Jess Nathan, say they asked producers to leave the show but had their request denied. Photo: Channel 7 (supplied).

'We wanted to leave'

In a tell-all interview with the Daily Telegraph, the pair said they knew early on that they wanted to be together so they approached producers and asked if they could depart the show early.

But, as 27-year-old community relations worker Jess alleged, their request was denied.

"Andrew knew he was going to pick me, so we went to the producers and told them we'd fallen in love and wanted to leave, but they said no," she said.

Jess also claimed that producers told the couple to keep their connection a secret from the other contestants "because it would mean the whole show would have to stop filming and people would lose their jobs."


Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan on Farmer Wants A Wife S11 2021 Final Decision
Jess said she and Farmer Andrew knew they wanted to be together early on. Photo: Channel 7 (supplied).

Claims 'strongly denied'

The Daily Telegraph stated that Jess' comments were 'strongly denied' by a source close to the show.

Yahoo Lifestyle was supplied with a statement from production company Freemantle that acknowledged how 'challenging' and 'stressful' reality TV can be for contestants.

"The producers of FWAW acknowledge that being a contestant on a reality television show trying to find love is challenging and can be stressful at times.

"The producers of FWAW have in place extensive policies and procedures to create a safe environment for all parties involved in production and we continue to offer support to all our contestants."

Matt and Tara Farmer Wants A Wife S11 2021 Final Decision. Photo: Channel 7 (supplied).
Farmer Matt with his chosen lady, Tara. Photo: Channel 7 (supplied).

FWAW 2021: Final couples

Farmer Andrew and Jess were one of three 'success stories' to come out of the most recent season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

Farmer Will ended up choosing 32-year-old nurse Jaimee over 29-year-old zookeeper Kristina, while Farmer Matt picked 25-year-old executive assistant Tara over 22-year-old waitress Alex.

Farmer Rob walked away from the show alone after passing up on both 36-year-old psychologist Kate and 40-year-old horse nutritionist Vici.

And in part one of the finale, controversial Farmer Sam sent his top two contestants, oncology nurse Mackenzie and student nurse Allanah, packing as he 'couldn't see them as anything more than friends'.

Will and Jaimee Farmer Wants A Wife S11 2021 Final Decision. Photo: Channel 7 (supplied).
Farmer Will and Jaimee coupled up in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale. Photo: Channel 7 (supplied).

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