Fatherhood has been a rollercoaster ride, says James Bay

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James Bay's experience of fatherhood has been a "rollercoaster ride".
The 31-year-old singer and his childhood sweetheart Lucy Smith welcomed baby Ada into the world in October, and James has already experienced plenty of ups and downs as a father.
He shared: "It is a rollercoaster ride. I am nearly seven months in and I am still standing, which feels odd.
"You will know exactly what I mean when I say that my baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, I promise you, I guarantee it."
James also revealed how his girlfriend has inspired him as a musician.
He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I went to this new place and I felt all vulnerable. I was saying, ‘thank you’, I was saying, ‘I need you’, I was saying, ‘I love you’."
Meanwhile, James previously admitted he "lost [himself]" on tour in 2019.
The 'Let It Go' hitmaker went on tour with Ed Sheeran three years ago, and James confessed to having a difficult time.
He shared: "To be really f****** honest with you, I lost myself a bit.
"I’m going back to 2019, I was rolling around the world, I got invited on tour with Ed Sheeran and I was having a nice time on the surface.
"But inside I felt weird and I did some writing and it was all a bit of a blur.
"When I was feeling weird I was feeling lonely and I felt like I couldn’t connect with anybody. It’s a difficult thing."
The turbulent experience prompted James to write the song 'Everybody Needs Someone', and the singer now feels as though he's got his life back on track.
He said: "A whole load of other stuff happened in the last couple of years - I had a baby, that’s beautiful.
"It’s a rollercoaster ride. Everybody backstage that I know quite well, I’ve bored them to tears with stories and pictures. It’s a crazy beautiful thing."

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