Felicity Jones' confidence grows with age

Felicity Jones' confidence has "grown" as she's gotten older.

The 'Aeronauts' actress has said her outlook on self-love is always evolving, and she's feeling more confident in her body as each year passes.

She said: "Confidence grows as you get older. You're not quite as hard on yourself, and you don't need to have all the answers all the time. That's something I've learned: It's OK to ask questions."

Felicity, 36, likes to keep herself in shape but doesn't impose any restrictions on her diet, because she would much rather focus on keeping fit with exercise than by cutting down on calories.

Speaking to Shape magazine, she added: "I think my rule would be balance if I was going to have a rule. It's so connected to fitness: The more fitness you do, the more you have a better, healthier diet. And I think you have to treat yourself sometimes; otherwise you'll go crazy."

The star's comments come after she recently said she likes to take time out for some quality me time and particularly enjoys being able to "lie in the bath with a face mask on".

Felicity explained: "For me, it's about taking the time out to just concentrate on yourself, which is a rare thing, and being quite meditative about it. I love lying in the bath with a face mask on. That's my thing."

Meanwhile, the 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' star previously confessed she feels "proud" of herself for her career achievements and feels "fantastic" to be "in her stride".

She said: "It's fantastic to feel like you're in your stride and in your profession, and to be able to enjoy it. You've had so long trying to get there, and the next challenge is to then take pride in it, own up to it. To accept that it's OK to feel proud of yourself."