3 girls, aged 15, arrested for assault of teen at Sengkang car park

This image shows scenes from a video of an alleged assault by a group of females at a car park at Compassvale Link in Singapore.
The police were alerted to the alleged assault by a group of three females at a multi-storey car park at Block 269 Compassvale Link at 9.26pm on 16 August, 2022. (SCREENCAPS: SGFOLLOWSALL/Telegram)

SINGAPORE — Three girls, all aged 15, have been arrested for brutally assaulting a female teenager in a Sengkang car park, after videos of the incident were uploaded on social media.

The trio has been arrested for wrongful confinement and is under investigation for voluntarily causing hurt, according to local media reports.

The police said they were alerted to the alleged assault – which took place at a multi-storey car park at Block 269 Compassvale Link – at 9.26pm on Tuesday (16 August).

"The female teenager sustained injuries but did not require immediate conveyance to hospital. She subsequently sought medical attention," the police noted, adding that those involved are believed to be known to one another.

In the first of three videos shared on Telegram group SGFOLLOWSALL, three females in black t-shirts could be seen kicking and raining punches on a girl, who was dressed in a white top and crouched on the floor.

Two males in red t-shirts could also be seen loitering nearby in the video.

In the second video, the female trio, who were all barefooted, also threw sandals and a bottle of liquid at the girl in the white top. One of the attackers could be seen entering a nearby van at one point.

The girl later ran up to one of the males, who proceeded to shield her from further attacks from the trio.

However, in the third video, the group continued to assault her by kicking her repeatedly and pulling her hair as she fell to the ground, despite the latter's cries for them to stop. Someone can be heard saying that the girl's mouth was bleeding. In the same clip, a woman could be seen watching the fight on the side.

SGFOLLOWSALL, who has some 41,000 followers on Telegram, claimed that the videos were submitted to them anonymously.

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