A few White Walkers showed up at King’s Cross Station and thoroughly creeped everyone out

Karen Belz
A few White Walkers showed up at King’s Cross Station and thoroughly creeped everyone out

If you think they’re scary on screen, just imagine being faced with one of the Game of Thrones White Walkers in person. A bunch of commuters at London’s King’s Cross and Waterloo Station came face to face with a few of them, and shared the photos on Instagram as proof.

While viewers in the United States saw it last night, the show is set to premiere in the UK on Sky Atlantic tonight, which probably explains their presence. While many of the White Walkers simply stared at the bewildered crowd, others decided to pose for photos with the commuters. Really, we’re just surprised that people wanted to get even closer to the White Walkers than they had to.

“I had a valerian steel sword and took him out after we had done this selfie,” one commuter named Frankie said.

Still, this video that was shared is nightmare-inducing.

And this pose makes us wonder if the actors used might have actually been extras on the show. It’s just too good.

For those unfamiliar with Game of Thrones, White Walkers are threatening creatures dressed in armor who are unstoppable — unless you have the right weapon. Stronger than humans, they might just be the scariest part of George R.R. Martin’s series.

The White Walkers of London definitely aren’t afraid to get in people’s faces.

But really, this is probably the closest thing they’ll ever get to a smile.

We can’t even imagine what it’d be like riding on the Tube with them.

Luckily they don’t seem too annoyed by the large quantity of iPhones that they’ve come across this morning.

We’re sure their presence definitely made Monday a bit more fun for London’s biggest Game of Thrones fans!