Filipino lover claims he was asked if he could kill

An alleged murderer’s Filipino lover claims he was asked if he could kill after the pair had sex for the first time.

Marshall Bari Aguilor is giving evidence in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in the committal hearing for John Chardon, who is accused of murdering his wife Novy in 2013.

He claimed he met the Gold Coast businessman through an Asian online dating website when he was trying to help his female friend meet men.

Aguilor said the accused killer paid for him to travel to the Filipino town of Cebu to meet up with him.

The pair had met previously when his friend had arranged to meet Chardon, but he gave evidence that she didn’t like him.

John Chardon is accused of murdering his wife Novy. Source: AAP

Aguilor told the court the pair went to bed together at the Marriott Hotel soon after he had checked in.

“After that he asked me if I can kill,” he said on Tuesday .

“I was stunned but I didn’t show him that expression; I just controlled myself.”

Aguilor said he asked Chardon who he wanted to kill.

“He said ‘my wife’,” he told the court.

The Filipino said he asked the businessman why he wanted her dead.

He claimed Chardon said it was because Novy wanted a divorce and once that happened she would get half of his business.

Novy was last seen on February 6, 2013. Source: AAP

Aguilor said he was also asked if he could help Chardon find three hit men, who he would pay $US10,000 each “to do the job for Novy”.

The court heard he was paid 30,000 pesos, the equivalent of about $750, to find the hit men, but never did.

Aguilor also claimed he met Chardon “many times” over the years, but the last occurred in January 2013, two weeks before Novy disappeared.

Novy was last seen on February 6, but her body has never been found despite an extensive search and a $250,000 reward.

The committal hearing continues.