Finn Wolfhard thinks Stranger Things 'tighty-whities' are pants

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Finn Wolfhard didn't want to wear the '80s-style "tighty-whities" when he first started shooting 'Stranger Things'.
The 19-year-old actor plays Mike Wheeler, one of the central characters, in the Netflix sci-fi horror series but he was less than impressed when he was presented with some old school snug underpants as part of his costume for the 1980s-set show.
Finn discussed the retro underwear situation with his castmates, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp and Gaten Matarazzo, and was surprised to discover that one of them was a regular wearer of the briefs.
In an interview with the brand new issue of SFX magazine, Finn said: "This is a true, funny story. I was like, ‘I’m not wearing these ... I’m just gonna wear my real things, my real underwear.'
"Then I said, 'You guys, did they put tighty-whities in your trailer? Did you guys wear them?’ And Caleb's like, ‘No.' Noah was like, 'No.' Gaten was like, 'Wait? You guys don't wear them?' And that's kind of where we left it."
As well as the tighty-whities trend, Finn admits there is a lot about the '80s that he cannot understand as someone who was born in 2002.
Speaking about the things from the decade which he finds off, he said: "Most hair, I can't believe it was a thing.
"Actually, a lot of the '80s is so insane. I mean, the weirdest tackiest music videos of all-time, just stuff like that.
"But I mean, I love the '80s, it's just so fun. There's nothing specific but I love the '80s a lot."
Finn returns to ‘Stranger Things’ in Season 4, which debuts on Netflix on May 22
Teasing the next run, Finn said: “What makes it scarier is that we’re branching out into new locations.
"We know what’s wrong with Hawkins, but what’s wrong with all these other places?”
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