Fiona Falkiner's body positive message in sizzling bikini

Olivia Morris

She has been on a long road to body acceptance and loving what she's got but now it seems Fiona Falkiner is trying to spread positivity to help others with their confidence.

The 34-year-old posted a sizzling picture of herself in a bikini on Instagram showing off incredible curves.

Fiona is all about body positivity! Source: Getty
'I think everybody is bikini worthy' - so do we, Fiona! Source: Instagram

She captioned the post with an inspiring message about body positivity writing: Summer bod? Winter bod? Who cares! I think everybody is bikini worthy!!! #bethebestyoucanbe #bodyconfidence (sic).

Fiona recently took part in the annual Sydney Harbour 10k run also firing the start gun for the event.

She shared her delight on Instagram after she smashed [her] own record of running the whole 10 kilometres. You go girl!

The TV host recently took part in the Sydney Harbour 10K. Source: Instagram

Though, her road to finding happiness with her health, fitness and body hasn't been an easy one.

Fiona lost a whopping 30kg back in 2006 when she appeared on The Biggest Loser but she revealed back in March how being skinny made her "miserable".

Fiona Falkiner has broken down speaking about her weight gain. Photo: Tea With Jules

Discussing her body issues on an episode of Tea With Jules, she said that while slimmed down tremendously, she never addressed the issues she had with her weight.

"I wasn't happy at all, because I hadn't dealt with the reasons I was the way I was in the first place," Fiona said in a chat with Jules Sebastian.

Falkiner went from a size 20 to a size 10 after appearing on the show. Photo: Instagram

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"So, I regained the weight quite quickly after the show. I was in such a miserable place, so unhappy, and life shouldn't be about being unhappy I'm sorry, it makes me so emotional thinking about," she added.

Well, it may have been a dark time in her life but the TV host seems to have come fighting through it and looks, and hopefully also feels, better than ever.

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