Fisherman makes eerie discovery in middle of the ocean: 'That's a weird thing'

Max pictured smiling, left, and the capsized boat drifting in the ocean, right.
Max was with his fishing buddies about 80kms off the coast when they came across the upturned boat. Source: Jam Press

A fisherman has made a chilling discovery when he came across a capsized and upturned boat floating towards him in the middle of the ocean.

Max Moneuse was out fishing with some friends when he spotted a small blue boat eerily drifting in the water.

In a video of the moment he approached the vessel, which has been watched some 14 million times, Max can be heard saying: “That’s a weird thing to see out here.”

Other voices can be heard in the footage, describing the scene as “eerie” and "absolutely mind-boggling".

"Not something you see every day," they remarked as a solemn feeling seemed to come over those on the boat.

It ultimately transpired that a group of eight people had gone out fishing when around 55kms out, they ran into some difficulties that “caused the boat to go down”.

The people on board were able to use an EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon) which alerted the coast guard to their urgent predicament, and they were ultimately saved. They were reportedly in the water clinging to an esky for around three hours before the coast guard was able to reach them. They were taken back to safety and no injuries were reported.

When Max discovered the boat, it had been there for a few days, drifting idly in the ocean.

He and his friends had travelled out from Venice Beach, in the US state of Florida and were around 80kms out when they came across it.

The footage has struck social media users as creepy.

One user wrote: “What if someone’s stuck under there.”

“Something about the anchor going down into nothingness, makes my skin crawl," someone else agreed.

“I’d have to fish around that for a little bit, bound to be something lurking,” another keen fisherman offered.

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