Five reasons you need to pee at night

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There’s nothing more annoying than having to jump out of bed to rush to the bathroom and do a number one.

Getting up in the middle of the night, stumbling to the bathroom in the dark... it's never fun.

Do you find yourself waking up with the urge to go to the bathroom? Photo: Getty Images.

But Randy Wexler, MD says there’s more to the story and in fact, we should be cautious of these late-night experiences.

We’re narrowed down the top 5 issues that could cause you to awake mid-sleep to go to the bathroom.

Hold off on consuming too much water before you hit the sack! Photo: Getty Images.

1) You're drinking too much water before bed.

We know, we know, we’re flying the captain obvious flag. But seriously, Wexler, an associate professor of family medicine and vice chair of clinical affairs at the Ohio State University Medical Center, believes some people don’t actually realise the impact of H2O consumption in the PM can make, particularly because it disrupts your sleep. "I tell patients to stop drinking water two hours before bed," he recommends.

2) You're consuming alcohol or caffeine far too close to bedtime.

We’ve all downed a wine or two before we hit the sack right? Well, apparently this is the wrong thing to do. The beverages increase your urine output; therefore you’re left feeling the urge to go to the bathroom. The doctor suggests no caffeine is to be consumed after 6pm and leave about a 3-hour gap between your last alcoholic drink and bedtime.

3) You're lacking this one hormone.

"With ageing comes a natural loss of antidiuretic hormone," reveals Tobias Köhler, MD, chair of urology at Illinois's Memorial Hospital. This specific hormone allows your kidneys control their fluid levels. So basically, a reduced amount of these hormones means you’ve got to pee more often.

4) You could have a urine infection.

This one is a sign that most people may pickup once they start to change a shift in their urine patterns. "If it's a urinary tract infection, urination may be accompanied by burning or dribbling or discomfort," Wexler explains. Plus, the need to pee will probably continue throughout the day.

Be sure to get your urine tested if the urge to pass fluids persist. Photo: Getty Images.

5) You may have an STD.

While you shouldn’t immediately alarm yourself with this one, Wexler reminds us that an increased need to pee is a symptom linked to STDS. “Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause frequent urination, such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia," he says.

Of course, if you do find yourself going to the bathroom during the night more than usual please contact a practitioner.

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