Fleece-Lined Pants Are the Only Pants Worth Wearing This Winter

Sri Rain Stewart
·4-min read

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

As an extrovert who loves change of scenery, excessive time inside can make me restless. I remember when lounging in my apartment after a long day at work or choosing to stay home all weekend felt like a true self-care indulgence. Now, however, the lack of exciting dressing is getting to me, and I’m craving a quick closet update — even if there aren’t many places to go.

With comfort and warmth as this season's priority, it's time for fleece-lined pants to join my wardrobe. I’ve admittedly been wearing the same sweats and tees for months, and after a bit of research, I’ve found a few pairs that will definitely work for my walks or low-key outdoor meet-ups. They’re basics with a twist that will withstand the biting wind and snow, and I already have plenty of ideas for how to style them, which I’ll share with you, ahead.

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Danielle Guizio Fleece Logo Sweatpants


I love neutral colors, so these white sweatpants by Danielle Guizio would be my go-to, since they look clean and cozy. The baggy fit is not too big, and that’s just how I like them. I’d pair them with a soft, grey henley, and I also like the idea of completing a pale-toned outfit with my brown Birkenstock clogs.

Shop It: $172; danielleguiziony.com

Nike Sportswear Essential Fleece Pants


Burgundy is still one of the season’s hottest colors, so purchasing these joggers just seems right. The simple sporty design is made with semi-brushed fleece for an extra soft feel, which is perfect, since I measure my purchases on softness, style, and versatility, and this hits all of those points. Personally, I prefer to pair my sweats with fitted tops or bodysuits, and this a sheer, multicolored bodysuit by Fe Noel will make a bold statement in contrast to casual pants.

Shop It: $60; nike.com

Double L® Jeans, Relaxed Fit Flannel-Lined


There’s more to fleece pants than just sweats. These flannel-lined jeans will bring a refreshing change to my wardrobe while keeping me warm, and if I cuff my pants, I can show off that plaid detail. I’d keep my overall look simple, adding an oversized white shirt for a more classic look.

Shop It: $70; llbean.com

Heattech Warm-Lined Pants


While not technically fleece, these pants are double-lined with Uniqlo’s heattech material, which always makes its way into my winter wardrobe because it works like magic. Somehow, despite being light and not at all bulky, it shields me from the wind, and I like how this structured style feels more polished than the other options.

Shop It: $50; uniqlo.com

Carhartt Women's Original Fit Fleece Lined Crawford Pant

Carhartt’s fleece-lined cargos are another nice option to have, especially for days when I’m tired of alternating between soft, stretchy bottoms and denim. Since they’re still on the casual side, I’d style them with an oversized vintage tee from Little Five Vintage.

Shop It: $60; amazon.com

Plush Fleece Lined Liquid Moto Legging 


While I tend to associate fleece-lined pants with relaxation and comfort, it’s entirely possible for this style to be sexy, too. Should I find an occasion to dress up for, I’d definitely reach for Plush’s leather-look leggings, which are somehow stretchy, warm, and fashion-forward, all at the same time.

Shop It: $92; revolve.com

Signature Lined Boyfriend Jeans


Another pair of flannel-lining denim is this boyfriend silhouette by L.L.Bean. Boyfriend jeans are already the most comfortable to invest in due to their roominess, and these get an extra boost because of the super soft inside. A ribbed cashmere sweater would be the perfect addition to my purchase, creating an outfit that can withstand chilly temperatures.

Shop It: $109; llbean.com

Richer Poorer Recycled Fleece Sweatpant 


To complete my fleece-lined pants collection, I’d add these mocha pants to my cart. I love this color; it’s warm like a hot chocolate. To spruce up my look, an animal print bodysuit by Daily Paper would make it feel high fashion. On other days, I might wear a cardigan like this one by & Other Stories. There are plenty of possibilities with these neutral bottoms.

Shop It: $76; revolve.com