Fleur East loves married life

Fleur East loves being married.

The 32-year-old singer tied the knot last year with her long-term partner Marcel Badiane-Robin, and has said it "feels so amazing" to refer to him as her husband, although she still hasn't adjusted to being called his wife.

When asked how married life is treating her, she said: "Being able to say 'My husband' feels so amazing. I'll never forget the first time he introduced me as his wife and I laughed as I thought he was joking. Then I realised we are in fact married and I am a wife, which I love to say. It's a great feeling."

Fleur and Marcel have been together for a decade, but they still keep their romance fresh and exciting by enjoying as many dates as possible.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday's TV Life magazine, she added: "You've got to. I've been with Marcel for 10 years and you have to keep the flame alive and date as much as possible."

Meanwhile, the 'Sax' singer previously said she knew "very early" on that she wanted to marry Marcel, even though it took him nine years before he eventually popped the question in Tokyo, Japan, with a stunning yellow diamond ring.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz last year, she said: "I didn't really suspect the proposal. We had spoken about getting married throughout our entire relationship so he completely caught me off guard so it was amazing.

"It was very early into our relationship that I realised I wanted to marry him. I think it was a week after we met that we were fully in a relationship and then I went to Paris and met his mum and he met my family. He waited 10 years to pop the question, made me wait a long time, but it was worth the wait though."