Florence Pugh says people ‘didn’t like’ her romance with Zach Braff

Florence Pugh says people “didn’t like” her romance with Zach Braff before they broke up.
The 27-year-old actress said people imagined her with someone younger who was starring in blockbusters, instead of with 47-year-old ‘Scrubs’ star Zach, from whom she split last year after a three-year relationship.
She told the February issue of US Vogue about the “very new” split: “We weren’t in anyone's faces. It was just that people didn’t like it. They imagined me with someone younger and someone in blockbusters.
“I think young relationships in Hollywood are so easily twisted because they add to the gossip sites. It’s exciting to watch. And I think I was in a relationship that didn’t do any of that.”
Florence and Zach have stayed friends, and the actress will feature in her ex’s next directorial project ‘A Good Person’, due out in March, which sees Florence play a woman who spirals into drug addiction when two members of her fiancé’s family ae killed in an accident.
He said when asked by US Vogue to give notes on his opinion of Florence as an actress: “I quite simply think she’s one of the greatest actors of her generation. She’s just magnetic. You cannot take your eyes off of her.
“And it’s not just her beauty and it’s not just her acting ability, it’s that thing, that magic thing that transcends the screen, where anyone and everyone goes, ‘I want to see whatever this person does’.