Florence Welch considering family plans

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Florence Welch is being “haunted” by her desire to have children.
The 35-year-old singer – who is in a relationship but has not disclosed the identity of her boyfriend – doesn’t think her life is suited to raising a family but she can’t help the urges that have been “creeping up” on her.
She said: “There was a song that didn’t quite make it to the album that contained the line, ‘The creep of domesticity it both horrifies and calls to me.’
“Even with all my logic that my life in so many ways is probably not suited for children, it is creeping up on me despite myself. Haunting me almost.”
The ‘Hunger’ hitmaker rushed into working on her upcoming album ‘Disco Fever’ as soon as her tour in support of 2018 record ‘High As Hope’ was completed because she was aware of her “other desires”.
She told Britain's Vogue magazine: “[I was aware of the] rumbling panic that your time to have a family might suddenly just [disappear].
“I had this drive underneath me and I was like these songs want to get out, I have to get them out fast, because I do have other desires…
“The thing I’ve always been sure of is my work, but I do start to feel this shifting of priorities, this sense of like, maybe I want something different.”
But Florence is “afraid” of the idea of giving up control to be a mother.
She said: “I think I’m afraid. It seems like the bravest thing in the world to have children.
“It’s the ultimate measure of faith and of letting go of control.
“I feel like to have a child and to let that amount of love in… I’ve spent my life trying to run away from these big feelings. I think I’ve had a stilted emotional immaturity just through having been in addiction and eating disorders for years.”

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