Footballer suffers gruesome broken leg in horror challenge

WARNING: This article contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Sheffield United star Paul Coutts has suffered one of the most sickening injuries in recent memory after an awful challenge.

Sheffield had a 3-1 win over Burton Albion ruined when Coutts was hospitalised after breaking his leg.

Coutts sent a driving volley towards goal late in the first half and was collected in a reckless challenge from defender Marvin Sodell.

Coutts' leg snaps horribly. Image: Getty

Sodell's foot connected with Coutts' shin, snapping the Sheffield man's leg and leaving him in agony.

“The players are a little flat. We should be jumping through hoops tonight, but we’re not. Our thoughts are with Paul,” manager Chris Wilder said after the game.

Coutts was in a world of pain. Image: Getty

“Paul is a popular lad and we wish him all the best. He’s off to hospital tonight.

“It should have been a penalty, but the bigger issue is Paul breaking his leg.

“It’s a bittersweet taste, because we’ve produced an outstanding performance but we’re all subdued.”

Coutts taken from the ground by medical staff. Image: Getty

Earlier this month Argentine goalkeeper Oscar Ustari suffered a similarly gruesome injury.

The Club Atlas keeper was left writhing in agony after a seemingly innocuous incident resulted in a dislocated knee cap.