Former footballer Ashley Cain 'completely battered' 750 miles into ultraman kayak in memory of baby daughter who died from cancer

Former footballer Ashley Cain is nearing completion of an "ultraman" challenge to raise money for a cancer charity after his daughter died from leukaemia at eight months.

Cain has already completed a 900-mile run, 925-mile cycle, and is now 750 miles into a 950-mile kayak - with only 10 days to go to become the only man to ever complete such a challenge.

He told Sky's Kay Burley on Thursday he is "feeling completely battered" but compared to children who are battling cancer, he is in "fantastic shape and ready to get the job done".

He is on day 71 of the challenge and has raised over £140,000 of his £150,000 target.

The money raised will go to the Azaylia Foundation, which was set up in memory of his daughter for children fighting cancer and their families.

Azaylia was diagnosed with cancer at eight weeks old. Despite having successful bone marrow treatment, she died in April 2021.

During her lifetime, Azaylia's parents raised more than £1.5m.

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Asked what motivates him to continue with the challenge when faced with adversity, he said: "Every time it gets tough, I look up to the sky and know my daughter is looking down on me.

"For me, every day hurts now. And I live every day with trauma. I live every day feeling guilty that I'm here and she's not.

"So that's why I want to spend every day going forward trying to change the reality of this illness and to give other children a chance."

Analysis of figures from the National Cancer Research Institute suggests that only 2% of cancer research funding is for children's cancer.