Former GOP Rep. Will Hurd Goes Low In Trashing Trump-Biden Rematch For 2024

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Former GOP Rep. Will Hurd of Texas said Sunday that a 2024 showdown of President Joe Biden against former President Donald Trump would be a “rematch from hell.” (Watch the video below.)

“The reality is two-thirds of Americans want somebody other than Donald Trump and Joe Biden. That’s, like, the rematch from hell,” Hurd said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Hurd, a former CIA agent who left Congress in 2021 after three terms, is considering his own bid for the presidency. He recently questioned whether Trump was too old for the job amid concerns about Biden’s age in a second term.

Hurd said he would decide on his candidacy by Memorial Day in the face of long odds. Trump remains a strong favorite on the GOP side, as does Biden for the Democrats. A prominent poll showed Trump with a comfortable lead over the incumbent, prompting ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos to comment on the “brutal” implications for Biden.

But Hurd may have a point about no one being thrilled about a repeat of Biden-Trump.

“Substantial majorities of Americans don’t want Trump or President Joe Biden to run for president in 2024, setting up a potentially divisive and uninspiring general-election rematch,” NBC News wrote about its poll in late April.

“Sequels are frequently hits at the box office, but apparently not at the ballot box,” Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research told the network.

Hurd told “MTP” host Chuck Todd that voter turnout in the primaries could be key in avoiding a rematch.

“Only about 23% of the country actually votes in primaries,” Hurd said. “If we had more people voting in primaries, we’ll see better choices in November, choices that we would actually like and be excited to vote for.”

Fast-forward to 18:30 for Hurd’s comments on Biden-Trump:

H/T: Politico