Former Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien sued after domestic violence allegations

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Mark Rypien with Washington.
Mark Rypien is being sued by his longtime partner. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

Content warning: This article contains depictions of domestic violence.

Former Washington quarterback Mark Rypien is being sued by his longtime partner, who alleges years of physical and emotional abuse, according to The Spokesman-Review.

Rypien is being sued by Danielle Wade. The two were never married, though Wade did take Rypien's name for a few years. Wade filed the lawsuit in April under her maiden name.

The lawsuit alleges years of abuse by Rypien. The allegations, which cover a span of 2008 to 2020, include Rypien striking Wade with a car, shoving Wade and pushing Wade into a car door.

Rypien was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in 2019. He admitted to punching Wade during an argument. Domestic violence charges against Rypien were eventually dropped.

Rypien released a statement through his lawyer Sunday. In it, Rypien's lawyer admits Rypien has engaged in "harmful" actions toward Wade in the past.

“Mr. Rypien categorically and unequivocally condemns domestic violence,” the statement reads. “He had a relationship with Danielle Wade that ended recently.

“During this relationship, Mr. Rypien acknowledged and apologized for actions that were harmful to Ms. Wade for which he is truly sorry,” the statement continues. “He has full faith in the judicial system and hopes the parties can reach a just resolution so that they can move forward living their separate lives.”

The statement said Rypien "hopes the parties can reach a just resolution."

Rypien believes he has Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). He was one of the former NFL players to file suit against the league for ignoring"repetitive traumatic brain injuries and concussions" caused by football. CTE can be diagnosed only after death.

Wade' lawyer, Mary Schultz, acknowledged Rypien's diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury. She said that is not an excuse for Rypien to "assault his wife."

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