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'Saved my butt': This top-rated seat cushion is just $33 — that's $17 off

What is it?

Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time is linked to back pain issues. No shocker there. But, if you have a desk job, there's only so much you can do about it. That's where a lumbar cushion comes in. While it won't magically erase pain, it can help provide additional support to the muscles in your back and butt, lowering the risk that you'll be uncomfortable after you stand up and clock out. Well, heads up (or should we say "bottoms up"?): Right now you can snag the popular Fortem chair cushion for as low as $33 — that's over 30% off.

Use it on your desk chair, in your car ... pretty much anywhere you need support!

$33 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

You only get one set of vertebrae, and investing in a proper seat cushion now will cost you a lot less than a series of orthopedic procedures down the road! And the lowest price we've seen for this back-saver is only $5 less than what you're looking at, so it's still a fantastic deal to snatch up now.

Why do I need this?

This two-piece cushion provides support underneath your butt and behind your back to help you feel more comfortable as you slog through the hours of your working day. It has adjustable elastic straps that allow you to target potential trouble areas and an ergonomic U-shaped cutout that's designed to help alleviate pressure on your sciatic nerve, reducing pain in your low back, legs and butt in the process.

The Fortem cushion duo is made from memory foam for a comfortable feel while providing impressive support. Choose a mesh or velour cover; both are machine-washable. It's available in a variety of colors, although some are more expensive than others.

seat cushions
Just because you're strapped to a computer all day long doesn't mean your spine should endure a lifetime of misery.

What reviewers say

This cushion set has an impressive fanbase, with nearly 22,000 five-star ratings from people who swear it's helped ease pressure on their lower spine and tailbone areas. "The lumbar pillow is the best," said a happy user. "I'm able to comfortably lean back into a healthy seating position. The pillow is soft, but not squishy. The density gives it just enough bounce, which is helping to relieve a lot of pressure off my joints and muscles."

A fellow fan said it actually helped improve their posture. "It’s like a whole different chair and a whole different back!" they reported. "I work from home full-time, and recently my posture has been so bad it hurts to walk. This has corrected my posture and greatly improved back pain. I can sit all day if I want to!"

This desk jockey said the cushions have eased their back pain. "I sit all day in front of a computer, and it was the best thing I have bought for my back pain," they said. "I ended up buying one for my sister as well."

One reviewer summed things up nicely: "I was suffering through back and butt pain in my hard office chair. This thing saved my butt … literally! No more pain — such a relief!"

A final comment said, "Work is so much better when you are sitting on a cloud. The only downside is that my teammates try to steal my chair on a regular basis."

Bonus points for a removable cover that's washable! Oh, and just so we're clear: Your Fortem cushion will not include a creepy photo-illustration of an inflamed spinal column. 

$33 at Amazon

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