France keeps PM on as caretaker as wrangling over new government begins

France was in the hands of a caretaker government on Monday after snap parliamentary elections defeated the far right but failed to produce a majority for any political camp. With parliament roughly divided into three disparate groups, there are no obvious candidates for the prime minister who will lead a new French government.

The outcome of the legislative elections, called by President Emmanuel Macron three years ahead of schedule, leaves France without any clear path to forming a new government less than three weeks before the Paris Olympics.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal submitted his resignation on Monday morning, but the president's office said that it had asked him to stay on as caretaker PM "for the time being" for the sake of stability.

The left is emerging as the biggest group in the new parliament but has yet to even agree on a figure who it would want to be the new prime minister.

The unprecedented situation is taking shape just as Macron is due to be out of the country for most of the week, taking part in a NATO summit in Washington.

Surprise election win for left-green coalition plunges France into uncertainty

Left seeks common line

The outcome delivered a stinging blow to Macron and leaves France in limbo, heralding a period of political instability rarely seen in the country's post-war history.

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