EU must defend Ukraine Macron says during state visit to Sweden

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Europe's leaders to make bold and "innovative" decisions in the coming months to "accelerate" and increase their aid to Ukraine.

"We will, in the months to come, have to accelerate the scale of our support," Macron said in a speech to Karlberg military academy during a visit to Sweden.

The "costs... of a Russian victory are too high for all of us."

Macron on war in Ukraine

He added: "There is no more security framework and architecture on our continent if there is a Russian victory," he warned.

Macron praised Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, who in early December called on the EU to find new ways of raising funds to finance Europe's military purchases in response to Russia's invasion.

"I want to praise our colleague Kaja Kallas" for her "very bold decision for our defence industry strategy to have some sort of grant approach in order to raise more money to finance support."

EU leaders are to gather in Brussels on Thursday for a meeting of the European Council, where they will discuss aid to Ukraine as the war nears its second anniversary.

Macron's Swedish visit

French President Emmanuel Macron began the two-day state visit to Sweden Tuesday during which he is due to meet Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and the Scandinavian country’s monarch, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Sweden and neighboring Finland abandoned their traditional positions of military nonalignment to seek protection under NATO’s security umbrella. Finland joined the alliance last year.

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