Frankie Bridge only used her own cutlery because of OCD

Frankie Bridge used to carry plastic cutlery everywhere because of her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The 31-year-old singer - who has spoken candidly of her mental health issues - was convinced hotels and restaurants didn't clean their knives and forks properly, plus she didn't like the feel of metal in her mouth, so when she was in The Saturdays, she used to take an extensive supply of disposable utensils on the road with her.

According to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, she wrote in her book 'Open': "I went through a phase of carrying plastic cutlery everywhere.

"We stopped off at so many service stations and I just couldn't trust that the knives and forks had been cleaned properly.

"The texture of the cutlery became an issue too - I couldn't bear the feeling of tinny metal, or a bent prong, in my mouth."

Frankie - who admitted a "rented villa" or "public toilets" can also cause problems - revealed she has "learned" to cope with her OCD.

She added: "I've had times when it feels like OCD is overshadowing all my thoughts, but I've learned to live with it.

"I know these thoughts are bred from my anxiety and I've taught myself to recognise them as a sign that my mood is slipping."

Meanwhile, Frankie recently revealed she is "super aware" of the signs of depression when it comes to Parker, six, and four-year-old Carter, her kids with husband Wayne Bridge.

She explained: "It's something I'll always worry about. Even before I had them I'd think, 'I hope they end up with Wayne's brain, not mine. I hope they have enough of Wayne in them to not be like me.'

"I notice little bits of me in both of them and I'm super aware of it. Parker's a bit more sensitive than Carter. I hope I'll be able to have open conversations with them.

"People have suffered with depression on both sides of my family so I do think it plays a role, but it's also circumstantial."