Frankie Bridge is 'still working' on improving her body confidence

Frankie Bridge is "still working on" her body confidence.
The Saturdays star has reflected on how her mindset has changed since rising to fame as part of the girl group, and now she is learning not to put as much "pressure" on herself when it comes to her looks.
She told MailOnline: "It is something I am still always working on. As I have got a bit older and my career has changed, I have realised the onus isn't completely on what I look like all the time.
"Being in a girl band I often felt like that and as women we put so much pressure on ourselves but with the way that the world is moving and with social media, people are trying to be more honest with how they feel and show different body types, it is so nice to see."
The 34-year-old presenter and singer pointed out that while everyone will have "hangups" about their own body, they're not things other people "notice".
She added: "Yes, we all have our hangups but actually people don't really notice them in the same way you do and I am getting used to that and clothes help with that massively."
The mum-of-two - who has kids Parker, nine, and Carter, seven, with her husbadn Wayne Bridge - admitted she isn't looking to grow their brood, despite thinking about trying for a third baby in the past.
She explaiend: "I am done definitely for now. There was a while where I toyed with a third child but that ship has sailed for me. They are at such a fun age and we can do so much with them.
"I think that feeling will always be there because as women we're aware that the option will suddenly not be there anymore but I enjoy them.
"My life is hectic trying to fit the boys' schedule with mine… figuring it out every week is a lot and to throw another one in the mix… I would be like 'what have I done?' "