Frankston Bombers football club members slammed for 'racist' blackface party

Teegan Dolling

A Victorian football club is in hot water after a number of its members came to dress-up party in blackface.

The offending photos of the Frankston Bombers members ended up on social media.

After being flooded with complaints the images were deleted but the trouble did not end there.

Several people at the Frankston sports club went in blackface, their pics shared on social media before being deleted. Source: Supplied

Instead of apologising for the racist costumes, members of the club left an offensive message on an Indigenous rapper and activist Adam Briggs 's voicemail after he called the club out.

"How ya going mate? You sent me a text message about f***king posting black people mother f***ker," the voicemail began.

"I'm short and I'm fat and people take the p***s all the time.

Adam Briggs was left a vulgar voicemail for voicing his objections. Source: 7 News

"And we're at a function... where people come dressed as people and that's what they f***king do."

Briggs called the club out for its "racist night" after the pictures were posted on Instagram.

Adam Briggs said blackface 'dehumanises' people.

"It makes a mockery of race, it dehumanises people," he said, slamming the caller's logic.

"So, anyone who was black and found offence in this should just get over it like he just got over it, that's not how it works," Briggs said.

The club would not confirm who the voice message was from other then saying it was made in the heat of the moment and was the wrong thing to do.

A number of club members doned the blackface make-up. Source: 7 News

The Bombers did apologise for the offence, saying Sunday they were "extremely regretful for what has transpired over the past 24 hours"

AFL South East is investigating the matter.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the offensive costumes were "just wrong" against the spirit of the game.

Many people found it offensive. Source: 7 News

"I think behaving as some did last night is not in the spirit of football, and it's not in the spirit of Victoria.

"They ought to have a look at themselves, and no doubt they have."