Freida Pinto wants to pass on Christmas traditions to her son

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Freida Pinto is looking forward to “passing on” festive traditions to her baby son.
The 37-year-old actress and her husband Cory Tran welcomed Rumi-Ray into the world in November, and the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star is excited to share the same Christmas rituals with her new family that she went through when she was a child.
She said: “It’s going to be fun. A different Christmas with a lot of the same traditions and with our new addition…
“It’s the creation of family and the passing on of traditions. This baby is too tiny to understand what they are, but what my mum did with me is what I’m going to do now.
“Every Christmas, instead of putting gifts under the tree, every member of the family would write a letter from the heart to each other.
“I still carry those letters with me everywhere.
“Stuff like that matters most to me. It’s about making meaningful memories.”
Growing up in India, Freida longed for a white Christmas and she’s keen for her little boy to experience every type of weather.
She told HELLO! magazine: “I love colder weather and used to imagine what it would be like to have snow.
“I’ve experienced snow now – it’s magical and beautiful, but also messy – and I want snow, but also rain and sunshine to be part of my child’s life.”
The ‘A Christmas No. 1’ actress is also looking forward to tucking into some sweet treats over Christmas.
She said: “When I was a child, we didn’t have a Western-style Christmas dinner, but since then I’ve had Christmas feasts with all the trimmings and enjoy it. What I like most are the desserts.
“During my pregnancy, my craving for sugar disappeared. I wanted the flavours I grew up with, Indian food, which was easy to find in London.”

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