French far right’s rhetoric at odds with its voting record at EU Parliament

A review of the voting records from the European Parliament shows that members of the far-right National Rally party (formerly the National Front) are often absent from the legislative process, cast votes that contradict stated party positions and are receptive to overtures from industrial lobbyists.

Campaigning for the European Elections on June 6-9, National Rally party leader Jordan Bardella has promised to fight for the interests of the French people.

But Bardella – who took over from Marine Le Pen as leader of the National Rally in 2022 – and his colleagues have often cast votes at the European Parliament that belie the party line. His votes against issues the party claims to support – women's rights, the transition to renewable energy and aid for vulnerable households – raise questions about what the National Rally stands for as he leads his party’s candidate list for the EU parliamentary elections.

Political adversaries delight in reminding Bardella of his long record of absenteeism at the European Parliament. In March his party felt compelled to respond, posting a graphic on social media hoping to prove the contrary that highlighted an attendance rate in Strasbourg of 93.95 percent.

The investigative news programme Complément d'enquête found that between July 2019 and December 2023, Bardella missed 70 percent of his committee's meetings.

Disconnect: Words in Paris and votes in Strasbourg

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