'Friends'-Inspired Central Perk Coffee Shop Will Honor Matthew Perry

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A Permanent Central Perk Coffee Shop Is OpeningDavid M. Bennet - Getty Images

Though Friends-inspired pop-ups are hardly a new phenomenon, Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and CenPer are bringing fans the first-ever permanent Central Perk location.

On November 14, the Boston-based café inspired by the NBC series will open its doors with plans to honor the late Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler Bing throughout the show's 10-year run. The Central Perk Coffeehouse was originally intended to open sooner, but was delayed after the actor's passing in October.

The 2,600-square-foot venue, which resembles the New York City pop-up café, features Friends memorabilia, including the oversized orange couch where the cast spent show after show, as well as coffee cup sleeves with quotes from each character, People reports.

"Central Perk Coffeehouse will distribute the Chandler Bing 'Can I Interest You in a Sarcastic Comment' sleeve exclusively for the entire day, in honor of the life and enduring legacy of Matthew Perry," the press release said.

"It's not about creating a replica of [the set], it's really looking at what it would look like today," founder and principal designer of Glen & Co Architecture Glen Coben told People.
"It’s a modern interpretation of what a coffee shop or Central Perk would look like in 2024."

There's even an outdoor seating area with green Central Perk umbrellas plastered with its memorable logo. Fans will find other nods to the series, including a door with Chandler and Joey's beloved chicken and duck, a floor-to-ceiling photograph of the iconic Friends fountain, and more.

flagship friends experience opens in nyc
The New York City’s pop-up Central Perk. The Boston location will resemble the temporary version.Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

"The show is going to be 30 years old next year. It has global appeal because it has universal themes of boyfriends and first apartments and first jobs and navigating roommates—something that everybody who's in their twenties around the world can relate to," vice president of global themed entertainment at Warner Bros. Discovery Kathleen Wallis added. "One of the most beloved aspects of the show is Central Perk, and we had a dream to bring this to life for years."

The menu itself will include local beers and natural wines, as well as a menu of show-inspired bites like Rachel Green's Side Salad, Ross Geller's Moist Maker Sandwich, Monica's homemade jam, and Joey's Grandma's Chicken Salad.

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