Furious woman slams teens over dangerous act on Aussie road

The three teenage girls allegedly responsible could've easily caused a crash, a witness claims.

A fed-up Queensland woman is calling for parents to better educate their children, after a group of three teenage girls allegedly dragged a huge obstacle into the middle of a busy road in darkness and left it there causing a hazard for approaching traffic.

The outraged woman, who posted in a Cairns community group, said the move could've easily resulted in a deadly collision — particularly due to the time of night and lack of visibility — had she and another bystander not witnessed the girls drag the uprooted signpost onto the road.

The incident is understood to have occurred along Forest Gardens Boulevard, in the Mount Sheridan area.

An uprooted road sign is seen in the middle of a street in Cairns.
The incident could've easily resulted in a crash, a woman has claimed. Source: Facebook.

"Seriously, they could have caused another accident!" The woman wrote on Facebook. "Putting a sign across the road like that and not caring and running off! Lucky I heard them and walked out."

The woman said she "knew exactly what they were doing" and immediately called police.

"I know one of the girls' names," the woman claimed. "[There were] three teenage girls. Second time I’ve called the cops on them."

Bystanders prevent accident

"Thank you to the gentleman who stopped and helped me move the sign, cars were coming and I couldn’t move it, there was another car before I came out, that had to stop and go around the sign by going onto the pedestrian path."

According to the woman the signpost wasn't uprooted by the girls, but was a result of a crash that had occurred the day before.

Queensland Police have demonstrated to Yahoo a willingness to investigate the incident, though have advised that they require more details to do so.

Anyone that may have further information relating to the incident is urged to contact Queensland Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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