G7 to commit to reducing plastic production, says French environment minister

The G7 is expected to commit to reducing plastic production in order to tackle the global scourge of pollution, France's ecological transition ministry said Monday.

Plastics are found everywhere from mountaintops to ocean depths, and in human blood and breast milk.

"The G7 recognizes for the first time that the level of plastic pollution is unsustainable and that its increase is alarming," the French delegation said in a note on the sidelines of the G7 environment ministers' meeting in Turin.

"The G7 is committed to reducing the overall production of primary polymers in order to put an end to plastic pollution in 2040," the note read.

The Group of Seven nations, which includes host Italy, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and US, would lay out "a series of concrete measures" to achieve the goal, it said, without specifying which.

The Turin meeting runs into Tuesday, when a final statement is expected.

"Plastic pollution is a major issue that crosses the three major planetary crises: climate change, loss of biodiversity and pollution," France's Environment Minister Christophe Bechu said.

The Ottawa meeting, which started on April 26, was due to wind up Monday.


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