Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner tweets a powerful thread about mental illness

Sam Haysom

Sophie Turner's Twitter feed has plenty of Game of Thrones and X-Men retweets, plus a whole lot of A+ interaction with her co-star Maisie Williams. 

But that's not all there is.

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One topic that crops up regularly on Turner's timeline is mental health. 

She's tweeted about it in the past and, on Wednesday, she was quick to shut down Piers Morgan when he supported Beverley Callard's comments about the risk of mental health issues becoming "fashionable".

This was Turner's Sansa-style reply:

A few hours after that tweet, Turner shared a thread addressing people who joke about mental illness.

It's worth noting that Turner is likely to be referring to figures reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in that previous tweet, per a Guardian article published in 1999. The most recent figures from the WHO state that over 300 million people suffer depression globally, describing the disorder as "the leading cause of disability worldwide", and "a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease".

Turner continued by highlighting the importance of speaking out about mental health.

Her tweets have since been shared thousands of times.

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