Gary Busey could be ordered to retake his driving test by police

Gary Busey could be ordered to retake his driving test.
The ‘Point Break’ star has been involved in a string of car accidents in the Malibu area in the past few years and cops are making plans to submit paperwork to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requesting a driving retest for the 79-year-old actor.
In a video obtained by TMZ last week, Busey is chased down by a woman who alleges he rear-ended her car in Malibu and fled the scene.
In the footage which emerged last Tuesday (05.09.23), the woman behind the wheel of the car Gary allegedly hit is seen getting out of her car, telling him: “Sir, you hit my car, I need your information.
“Sir, you hit my car.”
The lady eventually manages to catch up with the ‘The Buddy Holly Story’ star in a restaurant parking lot, to which she continued her demands for his insurance information.
She told him: “I want the information.”
As he gets into his car, Gary replies: “I’m private.”
The woman responds by saying: “It doesn’t matter, you hit me. I want the number.”
To which, Gary responds: “Progressive insurance,” most likely referring the insurance company he holds his policy under.
The footage ends with Busey driving off while the woman continues to yell.
The incident is currently under investigation and no arrests have been made, nor citations issued.