Gary Gitter back behind bars after breaking bail rules

Gary Glitter is going back to prison after allegedly being caught trying to access the Dark Web,
The 78-year-old pop star - whose real name is Paul Gadd - left HMP The Verne, a low-security jail in Portland, Dorset, last month after serving half of his 16-year sentence for sexually abusing three schoolgirls but is now reportedly returning to incarceration after being caught asking a co-habitant at the bail hostel how to avoid detection when web browsing on a smartphone.
A Probation Service spokesman told The Sun: “Protecting the public is our number one priority. That’s why we set tough licence conditions and when offenders breach them, we don’t hesitate to return them to custody."
According to the outlet, the 'I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)' hitmaker hid under a blanket as he was escorted out of the bail hostel at 6:05pm, just five weeks after he moved in.
The news comes just days after footage was obtained of Gary discussing the privacy-based search engine DuckDuckGo and the possibility of swapping to Onion, which is said to be a term linked to the Dark web that is infamous for allowing users to access content otherwise hidden from the general Internet.
In the video, he asks a pal: “Shall I get rid of this Duck Duck?”
His friend replies: “Yeah, I wouldn’t bother using that if I were you.”
Gary replies: "What do I do next, then? Let’s try and find this Onion. One step at a time.”
In response to the footage, former Det Supt Michael Hames - who set up the Met Police’s Paedophile Unit - said: "This is extremely disturbing and shows that he’s attempting to access material he should not be accessing. People use the Dark Web for nefarious purposes. Why else would you want to be on there? Onion is a slang phrase for Dark Web."
The shamed singer was jailed in February 2015 for offences carried out between 1975 and 1980, including crimes of sexual intercourse with a girl under 13, attempting to rape an eight-year-old and molesting a third girl.
Ms D gave evidence against him alongside a 12-year-old victim, and Glitter was jailed for three years before being deported to Britain.
Glitter was also jailed for four months in 1999 for possessing 4,000 indecent images of children and in 2006 was put behind bars in Vietnam for three years after sex attacks in the country before being released in 2008.