Gazans living in 'unbearable' conditions, says UNRWA

The UN agency supporting Palestinian refugees on Saturday denounced the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, saying that hundreds of thousands of people had been “deprived of adequate shelter, food, medicine and clean water”. The day before, UNRWA spokesperson Louise Wateridge had described the situation as “the worst it’s ever been”.

Gazans are forced to live in bombed-out buildings or camp next to giant piles of trash, a United Nations spokeswoman said Friday, denouncing the "unbearable" conditions in the besieged territory.

Louise Wateridge from UNRWA, the UN agency supporting Palestinian refugees, described the "extremely dire" living conditions in the Gaza Strip.

"It's really unbearable," she told reporters in Geneva, via video-link from central Gaza.

Wateridge, who returned Wednesday after four weeks outside the territory, said that even in that time the situation had "significantly deteriorated".

"Today, it has to be the worst it's ever been. I don't doubt that tomorrow again will be the worst it's ever been," she said.

Nearly nine months into the war between Israel and Hamas, Wateridge said the Gaza Strip had been "destroyed".

"And yet people are living there again.


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