Geena Davis lied in Oprah Winfrey interview

Geena Davis lied to Oprah Winfrey about her marriage.

The 'A League of Their Own' actress split from Reza Jarrahy in May 2017 and later rebuffed his filing for divorce - in which he asked for spousal support and a property split - by insisting they never actually tied the knot in 2001.

In a deposition obtained by TMZ, Geena - who claimed they didn't even obtain a marriage license - insisted they did "intend" to get married.

She said: "We intended to become married well before I was pregnant ... we did not discuss having a false marriage ... we intended to become married -- to be really married, yes, we did intend that."

The surgeon's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny then asked the 63-year-old star about a televised interview she undertook with Oprah.

He said: "You bragged about your marriage to Reza and what a great husband he was, correct?"

While Geena insisted she couldn't recall specifically and hadn't seen the episode, she assumed his description was accurate.

When asked if she'd lied to the broadcasting legend, she replied: "Yes."

The 'Thelma & Louise' star - who has daughter Alizeh, 16, and 13-year-old twin sons Kaiis and Kian with the actress also admitted she hired a wedding planner, caterers, and even had a Catholic priest participate in a ceremony when they exchanged vows and rings.

However, Geena insisted in her own legal documents they never intended to have a legally-binding wedding and both were aware of that on the day of their ceremony.

She also stated that they filed separate tax returns and had separate bank accounts and credit cards throughout their relationship.

Reza previously agreed that was the case, but claimed it was part of "a financial strategy orchestrated by Geena and her business manager."

Documents stated the doctor was told that "identifying as 'not married' would benefit Geena's tax burden" and that his taxes were done by them.

He added in the paperwork: "Did she lie to everyone when she told them we were married? I certainly intended to marry, and believed I was marrying Geena and our early history together and Geena's own statements in interviews she gave to the press supports that this was her intention as well. Any suggestion that we had no intention of getting legally married is absolutely untrue!"

Reza explained they didn't get a marriage license because the 'Beetlejuice' star didn't want the media to find out about their wedding day and she feared the application would tip off the press.

As well as submitting photographic proof of the wedding, the doctor explained the ceremony was officiated by both a priest and his own father so it could be validated under Islamic laws and traditions for his family who immigrated from Iran, and his dad also filed documents outlining his involvement.

Reza added: "Geena and I left the alter as husband and wife."

And his legal team pointed out that under New York law, a marriage license isn't needed to be married, but it is solemnised when the parties solemnly declare in the presence of a clergyman or magistrate and the attending of witness or witnesses that they take each other as husband and wife.