Geena Davis says she was treated differently after winning an Oscar

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Geena Davis claims that she was treated differently by directors following her Oscar win.
The 65-year-old star claimed the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1989 for her role as Muriel Pritchett in 'The Accidental Tourist' but admits that the success had its downsides as filmmakers had a different view of her after she landed the gong.
Speaking to entertainment journalist Allison Kugel on her 'Allison Interviews' podcast, Geena recalled: "I didn't ever think, 'This is my magic ticket to doing everything I want to do', or, like, now I was at the top of the A-list, or anything like that.
"I didn't think of it that way, but I did unexpectedly feel a tremendous feeling of having accomplished something. I thought, 'Well, I got that out of the way. I never have to wonder if I'm going to get one of these things.'"
She continued: "I had two directors, after I won the Oscar, who I had a rocky start with, because they assumed that I was going to think I was 'all that', and they wanted to make sure that I didn't feel like I was 'all that'."
Geena believes that some of the perceptions towards were down to her gender.
The 'Thelma & Louise' actress said: "Without having met me or having spent any time with me or anything, they just assumed I was going to be like, 'Well, now no one is going to tell me what to do!'
"I think maybe because I was a woman, the directors felt that way. And maybe it was even unconscious bias that they would do it to a woman and not a man. But they didn't want a woman to potentially cause them any problems.
"They wanted to make sure I knew my place, and maybe... it probably wouldn't happen to a man."

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