Gene Gallagher wants charge dismissed

Liam Gallagher's son and his friends want to have assault and affray charges against them dismissed.

Gene Gallagher, 18, appeared in Wood Green Crown Court on Monday (09.03.20) alongside model Noah Ponte and Sonny Starkey - the grandson of Ringo Starr - for a hearing relating to an alleged row with a staff member over alcohol in a Tesco Express store last May.

Alexander Agbamu, prosecuting, said: "The general consensus from defence counsel is that they would wish to have an application to dismiss the charges.

"This is a very factually straightforward case where much of the incident has been captured by CCTV.

"Nothing that hasn't been captured on cameras can be given in evidence by witnesses."

The trio's lawyers have 28 days after 14 April to make their application to have the charges dismissed, and there will then be another hearing in the matter on 6 November, where it will be established whether the teenagers will face trial.

Judge Andrew Holmes said: "I'm told that each and every one of you is going to make an application to dismiss the charges that are against you.

"That application will be heard on November 6 for half a day so you will need to come back on November 6.

If the application to dismiss the charges is successful, then that will be the end of it.

"If it is not, you'll stand trial on January 18. You'll be on unconditional bail.

'You must attend the next hearing in November. If you do not, you'll be committing a separate offence which could lead to imprisonment."

The group all wore suits and only spoke to confirm their names during the 10-minute hearing.

Noah, 19, allegedly stole a can of beer at midnight after the shop in Hampstead, north London, had stopped selling alcohol, while his two friends were said to have "windmilled" down the aisle at a shop worker who was trying to stop them from leaving.

The trio all face charges of affray, and Ponte also faces a charge of racially aggravated assault and theft.

In a previous hearing, it was claimed Noah had abused an Indian member of staff.

He allegedly said: "You bloody Indians. Go back to where you came from. You're not wanted here.'"