Gene Simmons slams COVID 'conspiracy idiots'

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Gene Simmons has hit out at "conspiracy idiots" and has encouraged people to have the coronavirus vaccine.
The KISS frontman has told how he has been vaccinated twice and had a booster jab, and he is gearing up for another to ensure he stays as safe as possible from COVID, insisting he wants to do what he can because millions have died from the virus.
He said: "Look, I’ve always been a safe guy. I’ve never been run over by a car. But then whenever I get to the street corner, I do what I was taught, which is look both ways, cross at the green, not in between, and all that stuff. So cars never hit me - surprise.
"The pandemic is the same thing. You’ve gotta get a flu shot. If you go to school, you get all kinds of ... a polio shot, all kinds of shots. Which may not be life-threatening.
"The pandemic and COVID could be life-threatening, especially if you have predisposed other diseases, you could die.
"A million Americans have died. Close to 10 million worldwide have died because of this. I know the conspiracy idiots are telling you that it’s not true - it is. So I got vaccinated twice, then had a booster, and I’m about to get another boost."
The 72-year-old singer has accepted it is going to be a "fact of life" getting a COVID vaccine every year.
He told iHollywoodTV: "This is gonna be a fact of life. Every year I go and get my flu vaccine — I get the shots.
"Because even though flu might not be life-threatening, I don’t wanna deal with the headaches and stuff."
Last October, Gene admitted he "felt nothing" when he had COVID-19, noting that he and his KISS bandmate Paul Stanley both had the virus, but Gene admits that their experiences were markedly different.
He said: "Paul and I had completely different experiences. His [symptoms] were pretty mild. I felt nothing. I didn't know I had COVID.
"Out of respect for everyone, I quarantined, but my appetite was up, my energy was strong, no running nose, no nothing."

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