General Election 2024: What do voters think about the manifestos of the smaller parties?

The election might seem like a two-horse race, but other parties are jockeying for votes too.

We put their manifestos to the Sky News YouGov Voters Panel.

Representing different political backgrounds and more than 40 different constituencies, they pored over the promises and policies.

Reform UK

Reform UK doesn't have a traditional manifesto, but its "contract" with voters certainly reads like one.

And it split our panel.

One voter described it as "xenophobia, racism and closed-mindedness".

But another said: "They make it clear they stand for British citizens... a lot of people feel here in the UK that they are undermined and undervalued."

Reform are mostly targeting Tory votes, and an interesting picture emerges when you look at the people who voted Conservative last time.

From our panel, a fifth of former Tory voters felt Reform resonated.

"I pretty much agree with everything that I've seen on the Reform Party's manifesto. I like their views on immigration, the income tax threshold, the cutting of EU laws, the cutting of foreign aid," one voter said.

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In Scotland, the SNP want to talk about independence, but the Scottish voters on our panel found other things to focus on in the party's manifesto.

One voter told us: "I definitely agree with the £15 minimum wage, [and] more assistance for the care sector.

"It's a shame we don't have enough seats up here to run Westminster because I think a lot of people in the UK would follow a lot of the policies the SNP put forward."

But another was not convinced, saying: "Nothing about the SNP is relevant, realistic or anything really - it's just made-up garbage."

Plaid Cymru

In Wales, Plaid Cymru want to win the Welsh vote.

One voter said: "Whilst I appreciate that Plaid Cymru are looking at the interests of people in Wales in particular, I disagree with the statement around taking full control of the economy.

"I am rather concerned that they are not happy about the defence spending."

Green Party

The Greens say they are fighting for a fairer world, but do their pledges persuade our panel?

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"The environment policies really stand out to me," one panel member said.

"Although I plan to vote for the Green Party, I have to admit that I don't like their manifesto, particularly their policies surrounding defence.

"I'd love to see them get somewhere, but the way voting works, it's a bit of a wasted vote."