George Miller had 'no idea' who Tilda Swinton was

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George Miller had "no idea" who Tilda Swinton was .
The 77-year-old director cast Academy Award winner Tilda, 61, as the leading role in his new movie 'Three Thousand Years of Longing' but admitted that he did not recognise her when he met her in person.
He said: "Because she's so different in any role from the movies, I had no idea who she was in person. But she was incredibly impressive to meet."
The acclaimed moviemaker - who directed Tilda as academic Dr. Alithea Binnie who is granted three wishes by a creature of reason - added that he knew she could play the role as soon as he met her.
He told PEOPLE: "And the moment I met her that day, I thought, 'Oh God, it'd be great if she could play [this role we have for her].' So we went to her."
The 'Doctor Strange' star shares the screen with fellow actor Idris Elba in the dark-fantasy movie and George went on to claim that the pair were a "wonderful" duo in the movie and lauded their performances.
He added: "We met Idris for the first time at the BAFTAs, during 'Fury Road'. And once again, that sort of quality really struck me. So once Tilda was cast, we went straight to Idris. They proved to be wonderful. I mean, the way they work together, they're what I call filmmaking actors. They're there to get the film made and bring the best of themselves to it. And they were just fantastic in it."

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