Georgian PM to attend conference on Ukraine recovery after calling it ‘fallen country’

Irakli Kobakhidze
Irakli Kobakhidze

Georgia's pro-Russian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze, who called Ukraine a “fallen country,” will participate in the International Conference on Reconstruction in Berlin on June 11-12, Georgia Online reported on June 10.

Kobakhidze will travel to Berlin with a delegation that includes Foreign Minister Ilya Darchiashvili and Chief of Staff Levan Giorgoliani.

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It is noted that the conference will focus on four areas:

  • mobilizing the private sector for recovery and economic growth

  • social recovery and human capital for the future of Ukraine

  • restoration of municipalities and regions

  • accession to the European Union and related reforms

Kobakhidze on May 30 once again played along with Russian propaganda and drew a “parallel” between the Revolution of Dignity and the protests in Georgia, calling Ukraine a “collapsed country.”

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Pro-Kremlin prime minister on April 17 said that the “Russian” draft law on “foreign agents” in the country was supposed to protect the country from “Ukrainization,” noting that “Ukrainization” could thwart country's membership in the EU.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry then stated that the real threat to Georgia is Russification, not “mystical Ukrainization.” They noted that using Ukraine in such a derogatory context “causes additional damage to Ukrainian-Georgian relations.”

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