Geri Horner caught eating McDonalds topless by Andi Peters

Spice Girls star Geri Horner was once caught eating a McDonald's topless by TV presenter Andi Peters.

The 'Wannabe' girl group appeared on Emma Bunton's Heart Breakfast radio show on Wednesday (07.11.18) to discuss their 2018 reunion tour and during their chat the foursome spilled on the embarrassing moment when Geri was munching a burger with her breasts out by 'Lorraine' presenter Andi.

Emma's co-host Jamie Theakston asked: "Which Spice Girl did Andi Peters walk in on whilst she was eating a McDonald's topless?"

Mel C answered: "That's got to be Geri, she's always got her boobs out, this one."

Emma then said: "Geri!"

Mel B hilariously interjected: "You are a bit of a nudist, you always have been."

And Emma joked: "She's always been a nudist, she's always got her kit off!"

Admitting her penchant for nudity, Geri confessed: "I'm just comfortable, I don't see it as, like, nakedness. I'm just comfortable."

The 'Mama' hitmakers - who will be going on tour without fifth member Victoria Beckham - decided to air Geri's dirty laundry even further when they admitted she wears the biggest bras out of the 90s pop group.

Jamie asked: "Which Spice Girl wore the biggest bras?"

Mel B said: "Geri, Ginger!"

Geri added: "Me, I know, boulder holders, you know, like granny bras. I'm actually Granny Spice!"

Jamie then jokingly asked: "Do you need to reappraise the nicknames for the new tour?"

Prompting Geri to say: "Do you know what, nothing's changed. I've always been granny spice. I like biscuits in my handbag, nothing's changed."