Giaan Rooney bares all in honest post about 'mum guilt'

Allison Yee

It’s all too easy to use Instagram to show the world just how perfect your life is, but Olympic swimmer Giaan Rooney is determined to buck the trend and reveal the realities of her mum struggles after welcoming daughter Alexa in June.

In a brutally honest post, Giaan, who is also mum to three-year-old Zander, opened up about how difficult she’s finding motherhood.

“I am struggling to get my groove back post the arrival of bub #2 in more ways than one,” Giaan wrote on Instagram.

Giaan is struggling following the birth of her daughter Lexi - and she's not afraid to talk about it. Photo: Instagram/giaan.rooney

“I find the days at home with #lexilevett monotonous yet the days I work I miss her like crazy.

‘Head all over the shop, rocking the ‘Mum guilt’ like no body’s business & exhausted with the constant juggling act of life with a couple of kids... but love them so much I feel my heart could explode!”

Working mum Giaan admits she struggles with juggling it all. Photo: Instagram/giaan.rooney

“Makes me realise how much pressure we put on ourselves to try & get it all ‘right’, whatever that is?!?”

Going on to thank her incredible husband, family and work colleagues for their support, supporters have flooded the Olympic gold medallist with praise for speaking the truth.

Giaan has two children with her husband Sam Levett. Photo: Instagram/giaan.rooney

"Be kind to yourself @giaan.rooney and know that your children love you for you," wrote TV host Shelley Craft. "Have no expectations on how a day ‘should’ roll out and greet the challenges with a deep breath and a smile."

“Seriously lady... you are more ‘put together’, down-to-earth, beautiful, healthy and calm then I could ever be and I don’t have ANY kids!” wrote fellow swimmer Liesl Jones. “You are doing an amazing job and if I could be half as good a Mum as you are I’d be stoked.”

Giaan's open post has struck a chord with mums and non-mums everywhere. Photo: Instagram/giaan.rooney

It’s not the first time the 35-year-old has refused to sugarcoat how she’s handling parenthood.

In August, Giaan revealed she’d been left “broken” by her daughter’s refusal to sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time.

Earlier this year, the sleep-deprived mum posted about her battle with Lexi's schedule. Photo: Instagram/giaan.rooney

“Broken,” she wrote. “Yep, my beautiful, 10 week old daughter broke me. She has developed all the same bad habits that my Son had, and even with that experience I cannot get Lexi to self settle, link sleep cycles or to sleep in any way without a lot of help.”

After having been through the experience before, Giaan didn’t hesitate to seek professional help – and urged parents to do the same. 

“You don't have to do this on your own & know that there are many out there struggling with the same thing!” she wrote.

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