Gigi Hadid praises brave #MeToo women

Gigi Hadid is "so happy" to see brave women opening up about their experiences with sexual harassment.

The 22-year-old model is thrilled that the #MeToo movement has encouraged so many people to talk about what happened to them in a bid to reduce the stigma surrounding it.

She said: "I'm so happy that people are finding their power and the strength to be able to come out and be brave. It's definitely putting priorities in the right place."

And Gigi has urged other models to never take a job, whatever it is, if it makes them feel "uncomfortable".

Offering advice to upcoming models before she walked in Jeremy Scott's New York Fashion Week show, she added: "No job is ever worth being uncomfortable. That's something that my mom taught me ... She never sugarcoated that stuff for us. She just said, 'If you're ever uncomfortable, you know, no job is worth staying.' So I just want girls, girls coming into the industry to know that they have that power."

Meanwhile, Gigi previously admitted she feels "very empowered" on the fashion runways and she believes there's never been a better time to be a model.

She said: "What's really great about being a model right now, is that there's so much inspiration and good intent behind the collections. The designers do a really good job of making us feel very empowered in being a part of that runway. Especially this season, I've been really excited because all the girls take on the power that the designers have given us and that's been really fun."